Shazam! the Formula for Getting What You Really, Really, Really Want‪!‬

When All Seems Lost, It Ain’T!

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    • 119,00 Kč

Publisher Description

The Formula gives us direct access to the sacred technology that helps us be accountable for our well-being and all the difficulties we attract. In each chapter, we learn fun, powerful, and simple ways to let go of the baggage that we might be dragging around and start playing the game of life like champions. Included here is the wisdom Dr. Scout Cloud Lee has taught countless leaders of major organizations.

Now The Formula is a simple tool we can use in our own lives right now to bring forth our dreams and to fulfill our true purpose. The payback for reading this book will be massive. You will find this to be a delightfully witty book, filled with Will Rogers-style wisdom that will make you laugh and feel like a kid again. You’ll rediscover yourself, find passage beyond devastation, and renew your faith and enthusiasm.

This book is about surviving, thriving, and coming out on top even when faced with tough challenges like cancer, betrayal, bankruptcy, riding through rattlesnake pits on a horse, and other crappy stuff. It’s a book with a simple and powerful formula for playing the cocreation game with God, the universe, the Great All-That-Is, the Great Doo Da, Ga Ga, and every other name for the Great Provider Gaming Spirit That Dwells Within. It’s a book about surviving and thriving through cancer, marital affairs, bankruptcy, and other bad stuff. It’s a book about holy and divine magic. It’s a book about our sacred technology that allows us to be accountable for our well-being as well as all the crap we attract. When all seems lost, this is a very good book to read, absorb, and live full out. When all seems lost, it’s time for holy and divine magic!

Learn to dig deep! Reach far! Break a sweat! Finish strong!

Health & Well-Being
11 May
Balboa Press