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This award-winning book recently earned acclaim from the prestigious Next Generation Indie Book Awards as a 2019 Finalist for e-Book Fiction. It's also a 2019 New Apple Literary Official Selection for Short Stories.

Stranger Things Have Happened is a collection of unrelated, but interconnected, short stories dealing with the unnatural in a natural world. From trees that torment, to magicians who consume souls, and deaths that might not last forever, these offerings are an easy read that just may leave one feeling a bit uneasy...

• Fraxinus is the story about a group of women facing off against an ancient, and seeming undefeatable enemy.
• FEEEEENIX is the story about a man coming to grips with his late father's legacy and purpose in the world.
• Napkin is the story of a troubled man getting help from a random stranger. Or is he?
• Ghost is the story of a young girl whose new home appears to be haunted.
• Eight Days A Week is the story of 8 sisters and their routines throughout a full week.
• Celebrity is the story of a former Hollywood actor and popular adage "celebrities always die in threes".
• The Day Harold Sanford Got Cancer is the story of a man who feels like his life is falling apart around him.
• Missing is the story of a loner who's looking to fill voids in his life.
• Fraxinus Americana is the story of an old man who's fighting Alzheimer's and a familiar foe.

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August 30
Thomas Gaffney

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