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Ndayambekwa is a born leader and a big time dreamer. His birthright not only presented him as his mother’s hope. It promises to change the way things have been in the family, thus provoking the big forces of the family. One such force is his uncle who for long has projected himself as the Family Father, mercilessly controlling and terrorizing everyone in the family.

The Family Father’s rod could not spare Ndayambekwa. He started with him right from the time of his birth, and their battle promises to continue for years to come, as Ndayambekwa grows into a brave fighter, fighting for his personal dreams and for the good and freedom of his family.

But will he win the battle? Will he succeed in defeating the Family Father and clear the way for him to continue pressing on for the light they see at the end of the tunnel? How will he fight the battles lined up for him? How long will they last?

Well, let the story begin. The Family Father is an eventful, dramatic and action-packed novel that features a thrilling, stirring, suspenseful, fascinating and captivating story of a young man who had to fight off the ghosts in his own family and village in his way to the international stage – all for the sake of making his mark in life. The flow of events in this great novel will leave you breathless! 

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April 23
Simon Ngenokesho

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