The Fifth Sun - A Storm's Coming..‪.‬

When the Eagle and the Condor Fly Together, the Age of Peace will Manifest.

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Publisher Description

The Fifth Sun – A Storm's Coming… is a combination of metaphysical fiction and narrative nonfiction based on the true life adventures of Rev. Dr. JC Husfelt and Rev. Sherry Husfelt. These adventures and experiences are recorded in their memoir: Tequila and Chocolate, The Adventures of the Morning Star and his Soulmate.
The Fifth Sun is a novel where Fiction and Reality Blur…
Ages come and Ages go, one Age flows into another, fading mysteries of lost times. Heroes come; heroes go. Shades of legend. Five Ages of 26,000 years - a Great Age. Prophecies speak of great destruction at the end of a Great Age. They say it doesn't have to happen, 26,000 years have passed, humanity faces the end of a Great Age. What will happen? Will humanity survive?
The Mesoamericans recognized these Five Ages or, as they called them, Five Suns. We are living in the Fifth Age or Fifth Sun. Each of the earlier Ages ended with the destruction or death of the "old," which then allowed the re-birth of the next or new age. The Fifth Sun ends the great cycle of 26,000 years. The Sixth Sun begins it all over again, or does it? Will we face the beginning of a new Great Age? Or an ending?
The Fifth Sun is a Tale of Adventure, Intrigue, Betrayal, Magic, and Sex. As Dr. Husfelt writes in their memoirs: It Simply isn't a Tale to be Told if There not be Dragons.
Explore the lands of Greece, Peru, Belize, France, Iceland, Japan, the Below Lands Golden City, and Mexico. A very descriptive travel-log.
Experience the Ghosts of Persian Warriors, Huayna Picchu's the Condor that Walks, Assassins, Mutants, Shapeshifting, Hungry Ghosts, Dragons, City Where Men Become Gods, and of course, the Storm.
The Fifth Sun reveals a quest to discover a talisman which will reverse climate change and a message that will begin a significant change in human behavior and economies, which are at the root of the biodiversity crisis.
The Fifth Sun is the first novel of a Trilogy, The End of An Age: The Fifth Sun, The Sixth Sun, a

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
29 August

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