The Professor (Book 2 of "Dominate Me"‪)‬

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I always had such a crush on Professor Knox. He's so much more of a man than the guys my age at college. The kind of fantasies I have about him...well, they're too dirty to mention here. But somehow, things have gone too far. My hands are tied. I've been gagged. I'm totally at his mercy. Is he going to hurt me? I think he might. One thing is for sure - I'm in for a wild ride.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Kimberly was a good girl. She did what she was told, she studied hard, she listened to her teachers. But when she went off to college, something changed. It was a sudden change that she didn’t even know the cause of, but suddenly she couldn't focus on anything. She was anxious all the time and everything made her nervous. Other people scared her, and she was always afraid that they secretly hated her. She thought she was going to fail every class, no matter how high her grades were. She thought that she was ugly, and no one wanted to be with her. She thought that everyone was staring at her, judging her with their eyes. She was so self-conscious that she could hardly stand being in public. She was always a little shy, but this was unbearable.

Every class was torture, but one was worse than all the others. Philosophy in English Literature, taught by one Professor Knox. A tall, imposing man, 6'5'' tall and well built. He was tanned, but it struck her as natural, as if he'd lived in the sun his entire life, even if they lived in Washington. He had dark hair that always hung in loose ringlets around his face and some grey strands were splashed at his temples. He couldn't have been younger than 30, and he may have been even in his late 40s, but he looked so... alive. It was like he had the spirit of a man half his age. He had a narrow and angular face that was still somehow handsome, and blue-grey eyes that were always alert. He wore business attire, like all the teachers did, but he always seemed to have the top buttons of his shirt undone, letting everyone catch a clear view of his chest…

Fiction & Literature
4 August
Boruma Publishing, LLC

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