Violetta and the Venetian Violin Violetta and the Venetian Violin

Violetta and the Venetian Violin

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Publisher Description

Violetta and the Venetian Violin is a middle-grade, time-slip fantasy for readers aged ten to fourteen.

One fateful day, twelve-year-old Violetta forgets her violin. A minuscule mistake leading to a chain of events beyond her wildest imagination. In the midst of a lesson with the Maleficent Professor Monk, she takes an unexpected leap—soaring from Sydney 2017 to Venice, 1717. The catch? She must find her violin before sunrise, or risk being trapped in the past forever. 

Guided by the electrifying notes of Vivaldi's music, Violetta embarks on a musical odyssey through Venetian canals, masked balls, and uncharted territories. The exhilarating rise and fall of the music mirror her journey, from the playful notes of Spring to the scorching intensity of Summer. Navigating this extraordinary journey, she grapples with the challenge of trusting invisible instruments and discovers she's not the only one ensnared in this temporal tangle. 

As she encounters fellow time-travellers in the same predicament, Violetta is faced with a heart-wrenching choice. Will she return home alone, or risk everything to save them?

Violetta and the Venetian Violin is a fantastical story weaving together unusual friendships, a quest for courage, and the transformative power of music. Whether you're a musician or not, young or old, get ready for a riveting adventure with historical details and the enhancing melodies of Vivaldi's Venice woven into the narrative. 

Unique classical music recordings by Alexandra Louise Harris, accompany each book in the series and are available on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes and on Alexandra's website. You will also find sheet music arrangements for Antonio Vivaldi's music, featured in the story, for violinists of all levels and the short story prequel.

29 November
Amici Musici

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