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After much fruitless searching, leading them through the Mariskal and finally to Aperkolu, the chosen have recovered Melbarth’s rod. In the process, Rokwolf showed his prowess, defeating Gwenatera, the Fire Queen, almost singlehandedly, releasing the trapped spirit of fire, Atala, from the flesh that imprisoned her. Before taking the rod, Gar tries to stop them himself, offering to heal the damage done to each of them, if they will leave Melbarth’s rod where it is. The Lord of Evil shows them Sutugno, blind and old, having spent fifty years in the breeding pits of Kolu, worn out from producing son after son; he changes her back to her natural age, repairing her eyes. He reveals facts about each of the chosen, telling them that if they will leave thought-giver alone, he will ensure that the child Klare carries is actually Klaybear’s; although stunned by this revelation, the chosen refuse, taking the rod and rejecting Gar’s offers. Sutugno returns to her blind and aged form; after Gar flees in anger, the voice of the One tells them that with possession of all three keys, they are invulnerable to attack while together, but that the three keys together will draw the servants of Gar to them like a beacon, that they must separate for a month, meeting next together in the entrance to Shigmar’s tomb, where they will hear the last message of the founders. Thus, Xythrax’s End: Book 5 of The Redemption begins. . . .

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 24
Clyde B Northrup

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