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Improve your spoken French from home with 101 real-world conversations in simple, everyday French.

Real French people don’t speak like your textbook...so it’s no wonder you feel unprepared when it’s your turn to speak! This audiobook fixes that. For the first time, you’ll learn to speak French in the real world, with 101 authentic conversations in simple, spoken French, so you can become confident in the words, phrases, and expressions you need to communicate like a local.

You’ll be transported into a real-world story that unfolds between six French characters, told by the people themselves in 101 authentic conversations. Over 15,000 words of real French, you’ll immerse yourself in a gripping French drama and get an education in natural French in the process. Here’s what you’ll get:

101 conversations in simple French, so you can learn the real French spoken in the street, understand spoken French with ease, and have French roll off your tongue more fluently
Over 15,000 words of dialogue - an unparalleled resource that will immerse you in French, at a level you can understand, so you can learn real spoken French without getting lost or overwhelmed
Real, daily spoken French throughout so you can learn the expressions that real people use on the street (not in textbooks)
Situational dialogues from typical daily circumstances, so you’ll prepare yourself to survive realistic French encounters, in shops and cafés, and make meeting people and making arrangements second nature
Conversations that are carefully written to be accessible for beginners (A2-B1 on the CEFR)
Each conversation is limited to around 15 lines of dialogue (150 words), so you can get that crucial sense of achievement and motivation when you finish each conversation
Word lists with English definitions in every chapter
Summaries of each conversation which contextualize each dialogue

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Sylvie Pardon, David McNeill
Std. Min.
1. November
Olly Richards Publishing Ltd

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