Absolutely Hot Tales, Volume 1: Five Explicit Erotica Stories (Unabridged) Absolutely Hot Tales, Volume 1: Five Explicit Erotica Stories (Unabridged)

Absolutely Hot Tales, Volume 1: Five Explicit Erotica Stories (Unabridged‪)‬

Andrea Tuppens und andere
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"My Threesome with Tara"

by Andrea Tuppens

When I met Trevor at the bar, I knew I'd be sleeping with him. My roommate had a shift so the house was mine. I made an offhand comment about making it a threesome if she showed up but I never expected it to actually happen! When we got there, though, she was naked and asleep in the bedroom and something just came over me. She didn't seem too happy about me just springing things on her but I'd fantasized for a long time about being with a woman and I wasn't missing the opportunity.

That's only one of the sexy tales you'll find in this collection.

Here are the rest of the stories!

"Banging the Bride in Front of Everyone"

by Nancy Brockton

It was a wonderful wedding, and the honeymoon promises to be perfect as well. At the beachside resort, this lovely bride enjoys soaking up the sun while her loving groom recovers from a long night of lovemaking. Poolside, she flirts harmlessly with the attractive man at the pool, but she's about to discover that the flirtation was anything but harmless. Before she knows it, she's in the midst of a stranger sex encounter, but it gets more intense when three other men and a strange woman join in, and the honeymoon gangbang sex happens right out in public!

"Caught by My Boss and Gangbanged for Stealing"

by Alice Drake

It was my fault, and I felt pretty damned guilty. I'd been stealing money from the company, and the worst part about it was that I actually liked my boss a lot. He was sexy as hell, and when he made it clear he was willing to let me pay him back with my body instead of calling the police, I was overjoyed. Of course, I shouldn't have been overjoyed so quickly. It started out wonderfully but when he got rough I knew I'd be paying him back, indeed. As if that weren't enough, other people showed up to help him take payment from my ass. Literally!

"Meet My Associate"

by Hope Parsons

I'd planned on getting the job with my body, so it was fine that Mr. Hartford caught my cues and took advantage of my oral skills. I never expected him to invite someone else into his office. Before I could wrap my head around things, I was wrapping my lips around both of their cocks! That wasn't it, though. I had rough sex with both men and they also gave me my very first anal sex experience. That happened while one of them was already inside of me! Double penetration?

"Taken at the Track"

by Jane Kemp

Nina loves running, but she's a little put out by the creepy man who seemed to watch her on her last run. So, perhaps she should never have taken the shortcut into the dark area beneath the bleachers. Before she knows it, this lovely athlete has her arms pinned to the wall and a stranger with a thick hard cock is ready for her mouth and more, and this man doesn't want to hear the word "no."

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