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Your life is an adventure, ride it! The great thing about motorcycles is it demands our attention and respect. We live in a very connected world and sometimes the only way to disconnect is to connect to your motorcycle. Whatever is going on in your life gets put aside for the ride. It is a beautiful thing.

What kind of motorcycling do you want to do? It is hard to just own one motorcycle. There is a whole world of motorcycles to ride and you should try them all. This audiobook is what you need to know to get started and get excited about. You will even get to decide If it’s right for you or not. This audiobook will be your go to resource to plan your next adventure. Do you consider yourself adventurous?

This audiobook was written for new riders and riders returning to riding after a hiatus. It will get you started and what you want out of riding. See why motorcyclists are some of the happiest people you'll meet. Written by one of the happiest riders out there, Lee RideFar will introduce all the kinds of motorcycles and rides available. The sections Include:

Dirtbikes, sportbikes, cruisers and everything in between
Your first rides and basic riding techniques
Finding the right riders to ride with
Motorcycle modifications and maintenance
The stats and realities of crashing
Dealing with traffic and tickets
Street riding and dirt riding
Commuting and touring
Track days and racing
Advanced rider training
Becoming a motorcycle instructor

Anecdotes included to bring the reality of what you'll be doing yourself. Get the confidence to take on the adventures you choose. You'll even save some money by not repeating the mistakes the author made.

Lee "Ridefar" Heaver lives and breathes motorcycles in Vancouver, BC, Canada. If it has two wheels, he's interested. If he is not riding his motorcycle somewhere far away or riding at a race track. He is teaching new riders at his school 1st Gear Motorcycle Training in Vancouver BC Canada. You can also find Lee on his website ridefar.ca or YouTube for reviews, opinions, and education. This is his second book.

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