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I scooted my underwear down over my legs and put them in the basket with the rest of my clothes. I crawled up onto the massage bed and laid down on my back, covering myself with the huge towel. As I lay there, inhaling the beautiful aroma in the room, I heard a faint knock at the door. "Come in," I said. "Okay, coming in," I heard a voice respond in a heavy Russian accent. A tall woman with long, red hair entered the room and promptly shut the door behind her. I was immediately blown away by her beauty. There was just something about this woman that I found overwhelmingly attractive. 

During the massage, I noticed her touch became increasingly intimate. At one point, she asked, "You want a chest massage?" I was in such a wonderful state of relaxation, that without thinking, I said, "Sure." Then it hit me; she was about to massage my breasts. I couldn't tell her not to do it after saying yes only 10 seconds ago. Oh well, I was in for it now. Without hesitation, Misha went for it and made me feel incredible. The only problem was; now I was slightly turned on. 

My mind kept flashing to images of Misha doing this to all her clients. I wonder if she ever tried to pleasure any straight women before? Did she treat it as a game to see if she could get the straight girl to give in? 

As I turned over on my stomach, she worked on my back and shoulders then down towards my lower legs. "You want a massage on bottom, yes?" she asked. I was excited and wanted nothing more than her to keep touching me. I already let her rub my breasts, and that was prominently satisfying. "Yes please," I said quietly into the face hole in the table. She kept moving her hands in a repetitive motion, circling my ass cheeks, running her fingers up and down, pulling my ass slightly apart before squeezing the very bottom. I was becoming so turned on by her touch that I started to softly moan. I couldn't help it as I felt my pussy throb. 

How far will Misha go with this? Would she touch me where I truly wanted to be touched?

Lila Kerry
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4. Juni
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