Barefoot: A Surfer's View of the Universe Barefoot: A Surfer's View of the Universe

Barefoot: A Surfer's View of the Universe

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    • 12,99 €

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Ready to feel the beating heart of existence? Kick off your shoes and discover the ultimate way to navigate uncharted waters.

Andrew Pacholyk was a gawky kid with big ideas. Awkward and out-of-place as a teen, he relished the moment he discovered dancing and the ecstasy of the rhythm of his body. But it wasn’t until he caught his first wave on the wide-open ocean that this nature-lover truly began to comprehend the vast balance on tap in the cosmos.

Barefoot ~ A Surfer's View of the Universe is the unvarnished true tale of a spirited man’s life with sand between his toes and senses on high alert. With stunning lessons of solace and eye-opening insights, the lifelong surfer, professional dancer, and acupuncturist’s journey through the blue serves as an everyday account of the power of paying attention. And with talented storytelling and vivid prose, diving deep into this memoir-like search for meaning will leave you feeling refreshed, blissfully connected, and transformed.

In Barefoot ~ A Surfer's View of the Universe, you’ll appreciate:
The practice of accepting who you are and embracing what you findHow daily discipline and awareness build courage and confidenceTips for helping your fellow humans in this grand struggle called lifeTechniques to cope through connecting with the body and soulThe magic and genius of nature, and much, much more!
Barefoot ~ A Surfer's View of the Universe is a doorway to resetting the self. If you like powerful observational wisdom, thought-provoking revelations, and the gift of learning from each moment, then you’ll love Andrew Pacholyk’s breathtaking story of his pilgrimage through time.

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