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How much do you want to bet that you have told a lie in your life? I am positive that I would win this bet. Why? Everyone in this world lies. You lie. I lie. Even your mother lies. Yes, there is not one person on this planet that you have met who doesn’t tell a lie. 

But is that such a bad thing? 

Not really. 

While your community has brought you up to believe that lying is an evil part of humanity, the reality is far different. Lying is actually an important part of our daily living, and without it, the world would be a much crueler place. 

Everything has its spot in this world, and just like honesty, sometimes, lying is the best policy. Humans are born to lie. It is not something that we were taught in this world. 

Are you ready to find out just how much the world has lied to you? What about how to face all the lies that you have told yourself? Is it possible that everything you have grown up believing is, in fact, a lie all on its own? 

Maybe, more importantly, learn how to deal with the consequences of telling the truth as well as telling lies. Explore tips on communicating with your partner in ways that will strengthen your relationship beyond any lies that have been told between yourselves.

This audiobook contains all the answers you need to know regarding the truth about lying! It is time to spill some honesty on the lies that exist in the world. Who knows, you might just find that you’ve been lying to yourself all this time. 

In short, this skill is powerful. Give the principles and practices in this audiobook a chance, and you’ll be amazed at the difference they can make.

Gary Crane , PicturesForYourEars
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