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If you want to learn about big data, then pay attention....

Do you want to understand what big data is all about, but you don’t get all the hype?

Are you intrigued by the idea of building a career around big data and data science, but you just don’t understand it?

If so, this audiobook could be what you are looking for.

In this audiobook, we will explore the hot concept of big data and explain it for beginners like yourself.

If you know nothing about big data now, you will come away with a good overview of the subject and how it integrates into the other hot technologies of the day widely adopted by business, such as artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and machine learning.

In this audiobook, you will learn:

What is big data, and why is it important?
The five V’s behind big data
How big data is already impacting your life, and where big data may be headed
How big data and your everyday devices and appliances will come together in unexpected ways via the Internet of Things
How companies and governments are using predictive analytics to get ahead of the competition or improve service
How big data is used for fraud detection
How big data can train intelligent computer systems
The many ways large corporations are benefiting from big data and the tools that use it like machine learning, AI, and predictive analytics
Upcoming trends in big data that are sure to have a large impact on your future
Artificial intelligence, and how big data drives its development
Insights into how big data impacts privacy issues
And much, much more!

If you want to learn about this new, exciting, and rapidly developing technology, then get this audiobook right now! You will not be baffled by big data any longer, and you will understand the behavior of large companies far better than you ever did before.

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