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Do you wonder why Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and many others became billionaires during their life?Are you looking for ways to improve your productivity, to boost your career? Do you want to make decisions easier and faster, so you have more energy for the fun things? Then keep reading....At work, you have to answer a lot of questions during the day. You have to make all kind of decisions. Some decisions seem easy, others might be more complicated. These questions and decisions cost a lot of time and energy. And how do you know if you make the right decisions? Maybe you're oversimplifying difficult situations. Maybe you're overcomplicating simple situations.So, you're wondering what you can learn from the way the millionaires and billionaires of this world think. Imagine that you are replicating their thinking pattern, decision making and approach to. This can have a great influence in your status, your career and your of course your financial rewards.Here's a tiny fraction of what you'll discover:

Discover the successful personal thought models of Elon Musk, Albert Einstein, and Ray Dalio.
Find out the model used by this world famous and one of the richest investors of the world, to overcome his challenges and setbacks to become successful.
Discover the thought model used by this famous CEO, to save the company from bankruptcy and establish a growth of 4,000 percent.
The eight pitfalls to avoid, when your goal is to be successful as a leader.
The essential thing to do at start for every leader and manager, it will only take you one hour. Forget this and you and your career will suffer for years.
The "rise-in-leadership-level-technique". Use this to free up mental energy and resources for the most important decisions. Positive side effect: You will become less tired very quickly.
Avoid these nine common mistakes of new leaders.
Four thought models you can use while negotiating to get the best possible outcome.
The rational decision assassin, 99 percent of the people have this thing preventing them of making decisions based on sound logic. Discover it and learn how to guard you and your team against this.
Find out which threat can undermine your leadership and how to create your own "minesweeper" so you stop undermining yourself.
The mental model Elon Musk used to save SpaceX twice.
How to systemize your department and thoughts for productivity as a leader.
Four indicators to evaluate if your organization or department needs to be restructured.
Use this US-Navy-based-principle as the foundation of your decision making. It will save time, energy, and costs, while increasing your profits and salary.

You don't need to have a PhD in mathematics or to be a psychologist with a university degree to copy the models used by the billionaires of this world. The models are described and simplified in plain English, accessible for everyone who attended high-school. Moreover, most models used by these billionaires are so effective, because of their simplicity.You don't have to be the leader of multi-billion-dollar company to have benefits from these thought models, with the day-to-day practical examples will help you become more productive, while saving time and energy, and help you make better decisions. This will be noticed by the people around you, your manager, and can lead to promotions and pay-raises in the near future.So, don´t wait any longer, scroll up and click "Add to Cart" and start replicating the successful habits and thought models of these billionaires to boost your career. 

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