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Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies are carving out more and more space in the financial market and making many investors rich. Do you want to fall behind and miss this opportunity? Or do you want to seize it instead?

In this audiobook, you will find everything you need to invest in the best way possible in the cryptocurrency market.

The internet is abuzz with bitcoin and cryptocurrency talk. In 2013, this short time digital currency was trading at around $100 for one Bitcoin, and now a bitcoin is valued as high as $64,600 per coin! It has made some investors very rich who had the foresight to get in early. If you are a serious investor or want to learn how to invest like the big boys, you need to know how they work and how they can affect other investments.

Our Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners 2021/2022 audiobook has all your answers! From learning what Bitcoin is to understanding how cryptos work to exploring cryptocurrency trading platforms.

This audiobook will be your complete guide to understanding this market, whether you are a beginner or just wanting to learn more!

This audiobook covers:

Cryptocurrency history and Bitcoin history
What are cryptocurrencies
The Bitcoin value (worth of a Bitcoin), to understand precisely the value fluctuations and why this value is bound to rise
Cryptocurrency and the “real” market, to better understand the rules of this market
Different cryptocurrencies, to confidently choose the best currency
The blockchain, to understand the functioning of the whole system
NFT as the new opportunity to make money, to know and exploit this new opportunity to make money
ICOs, ETFs and stocks with cryptocurrency exposure, crypto futures and options, to fully understand all investment possibilities and choose the best
Cryptocurrency mining, to understand a system that has made many rich
And much more...

It's time for everyone to learn about this exciting new world of money!

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