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Are you desperate to make ends meet each month, constantly wondering if you can pay the bills?

If debts are poisoning your life and you want to make your dollar go 10 times further, it's time to budget. Unemployment has been high, debts are reaching record levels, and rent prices seem to be skyrocketing everywhere. Budgeting won't save the world but it will solve these problems for you.

It's time for getting financial awareness in your life to:

Get out of debt quickly
Learn to save a shocking amount
Invest in your future
Step onto the road of financial independence and victory

Living alone from the age of 14, I learned to budget the hard way. Since my early teenage years, I had to earn and save my own money - which sometimes hardly exceeded $150. In this book I'm sharing my insights about how to manage even the smallest income to outlast the month. I will give concrete, actionable advice based on my own and well-known financial experts' experience to help you acquire financial knowledge and habits that will last.

This book can help those who are just starting out their independent financial life just as much as it can help people choking on debts. I will highlight the most common money mistakes and myths people fall prey for, and teach you how to avoid them.

Take charge of your money today:

The five biggest money myths and how to beat them
Five ways to create a personal budget
How to get out of debt
Six tips how to stay out of debt

Learn the fundamentals of money management:

Learn how to spend less and still enjoy life
Learn how to save money - regardless of your income
Ten tips for women on how to improve their overall financial life
Budgeting advice

Like it or not, money is part of everybody's life. Learn to control it instead of letting it control you.

You can turn a blind eye on your financial problems but they won't disappear. Learn about the best personal finance choices today so you can live a financially balanced life in the future. Build a solid foundation for your family and yourself.

Being better with money changes the rest of your life. Imagine not worrying about debt, bills and late payment fees anymore. Follow the tips presented here and it becomes reality.

After listening to Budget like a Pro you will be able to hit short and long term financial goals, plan your escape from debt, and set up savings accounts, regardless if you're just out of college or you're in your 40s and you're desperate.

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