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Balance and heal your mind, soul, and body with meditation awakening the third eye!

Do you want to explore the hidden benefits of Chakras? 
Do you want to activate and unblock your Chakra system? 

If you answered "yes" to any of these, then this is the perfect educational and informational book for you!

Hello! Welcome to this guide to Chakras for Beginners.

This book will give you the basic understanding of the Chakra system and their functions. Understanding and applying the knowledge learned in this book may help to enhance your overall physical well-being. The book will give you the tools to begin healing blockages in your energy body, regain balance in areas of your life, and gain a deeper understanding for self. 

This book is perfect for total beginners and anyone that needs a refresher on the topic. 

Chakras can direct subtle energy to the physical body and open areas of the brain that will help you develop character traits that you never thought you could emulate. Chakras can be balanced and a strong character developed at any age, you just need the will to change. A person with a strong sense of character can withstand any obstacle that comes his or her way and rise above every failure. 

Discover specific healing strategies for a wide variety of physical and mental disorders - just find the disease that plagues you and follow the step-by-step guide! You will find in this book:

Introduction to chakras
Activate your chakras by practicing meditation 
Discover how to unblock your chakras with yoga, essential oils, and crystals 
Learn which foods are good for your chakras 
Practice special daily habits and rituals that will keep your chakras in top condition 
Much, much more...

This book is different from others because in this book:

You will learn how to open and activate your chakra System 
You will have general understanding of chakras and energy work 
You will discover any cChakra imbalance within yourself 

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