Day Trading for Beginners: An Introduction to the Best Strategies to Achieve Success with Options and Futures Contracts in the Stock Market. Understand Investor Psychology to Start Making Money Online (Unabridged‪)‬

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Do you want an introduction to the best strategies to achieve success with options and futures contracts in the stock market? Do you want to understand investor psychology to start making money online? If yes, then keep listening.

Day trading provides many advantages for those exceptional people who can control their passions and endure the inevitable freedom stresses. Most day-traders are self-employed and responsible to nobody. They are real businesspersons who live on their wits and who potentially enjoy the rewards of their own choices. Upper euphoria. Few things can equal the emotional boost that comes with a massive income made from a single person's actions.

This audiobook covers the following topics:

What is day trading?
Beginner's strategies well explained
Options contracts
Investor psychology and mindset
Beginner's mistakes to avoid
Risk and money management
The main tools and platforms
Preparation for day trading
And much more

Getting started with day trading is a pretty big decision. You can achieve the ideal of bringing in profits with only a few hours a day of trading, but that will not be the reality for many people that are just beginners. It will be necessary to stay above the water during the first year and to get a feel for what it is like with all the fluctuations. Your only goal during the beginning and the learning stages is to sink. If you still want to undertake this activity, and if you are still interested after this introduction, then day trading might be for you. It is necessary to have the right knowledge to get anywhere.

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