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Do you lose your self-control when under high-pressure?Or do you make poor decisions in the heat of the moment?Maybe you want to sharpen your negotiation skills with clients and business partners?If so, then keep on reading....It´s no secret, that scientific research executed by the best-selling author Daniel Goleman in his famous book Emotional Intelligence, has proven that emotional intelligence plays a crucial role in success in your life.And even more in your life as an entrepreneur. You´re under constant stress. You have to deal with all kinds people all the time in different roles and circumstances: clients, business partners, employees. You have to respond and react quickly to questions, requests, deals, etc.Emotional Intelligence is all about:

Your emotional awareness
Your self-control
Your ability to manage people

So, it´s easy to imagine that, when you improve the above skills the profit in your business will improve substantially as well.The billionaires Warren Buffet (the world-famous investor) and Jeff Bezos (founder and owner of Amazon.com) attribute their success more to their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) than to their IQ. Here´s a tiny fraction of what you will discover in Emotional Intelligence for Entrepreneurs:Use this simple technique to improve your emotional intelligence in a matter of seconds

Tricks to make people executing your orders voluntarily, this will make your job easier and way more pleasant
An often ignored way to get to know the real issues in your business and discover problems that nobody told you before
How to avoid unnecessary stress, created by yourself
The most important secret behind real self-motivation
7 ways to motivate your team
A 30 day, 10 minutes a day, emotional intelligence booster program, especially designed for busy entrepreneurs
How to change your view on money so you can attract better investors and increase your profits
And much, much more.

You might assume that emotional intelligence is something you are born with or developed in your youth. You have it or you don´t have it.Well the opposite is true; it can be learned. In a 2011 scientific study, performed at Yale University, researchers found proof that the skills which influence your emotional intelligence can be learned and improved during your life. In the 30-day emotional intelligence booster program, you will find a lot of practical examples especially designed to improve your emotional intelligence skills as an entrepreneur. This will help you grow your emotional intelligence and profits in only 10 minutes day.So, if you want to improve yourself, get this audiobook and be the entrepreneur you want to be. 

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