Emotional Intelligence (Unabridged‪)‬

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This book includes:

How to Analyze People: Learn how to understand and speed reading people by knowing body language signals and psychological techniques to become an expert on influencing and persuading everyone
Introducing Psychology: Learn the basics of psychology to improve your emotional intelligence, couples communication, cognitive behavioral therapy, and to defend from dark psychology techniques

Have you always wanted to understand the actions and thoughts of the people around you? Have you always wanted to be a leader knowing how to manage the emotions of a group of people? Have you always wondered why human beings act in a certain way?

If the answer to these questions is “yes”, then keep reading....

We both know how difficult it is to understand the intentions of those we face in most cases...maybe you're willing to understand if your partner is lying to you or not, because you've noticed strange behaviors...or you finally want to be able to manage that work group that is giving you so many problems recently.... There are so many similar situations, but today, it's your lucky day.

This bundle is the union of two books aimed at making your life easier by showing you basic concepts of psychology that you can combine with an analysis of body language and behavior that is truly complete and exhaustive for those who face this world for the first time. No magic wand, but simply a useful tool, simple and easy to consult to improve your ability to understand and manage the emotions of people around you. This is the key to starting to live a life of better and more satisfying relationships.

Here are some reasons why this book is worth your time and money:

It explains how the human brain works from a psychological standpoint, and it explains how we process our thoughts and memories.
It explains how you can use psychological principles to improve your romantic relationships and to live a more fulfilled life.
It explains what you can do to increase your own emotional intelligence, so that you can master yourself, get along with others, and increase your chances of success in all areas of life.
It explains how to analyze the tell-tale signs of a lie.
You will be able to Interpreting body language cues and signals.
You will understand how to defend from manipulation and dark psychology techniques

Not knowing how to read the signals that our body transmits unconsciously limits very much our ability to create empathy and improve all kinds of relationships. Often, the answer to our doubts is under our nose...it is enough to know how to identify and contextualize knowing psychology and how it is applied in everyday life.

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