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Like me, you've walked into the supermarket a zillion times. How many times have you gone down the condiment aisle and seen apple cider vinegar and wondered, "So what's the difference?" At first glance, the only difference is the brown color and it is not as clear as the one you are used to picking up. Little do most people know that apple cider vinegar is jam-packed with some amazing uses. Well, perhaps this is the right moment you should be listening to this handbook. In it, you will discover the essential uses and benefits of apple cider vinegar. Find out how you can use this all natural product for your home, in your beauty regime, for your health, and to help you lose weight! All this and it is a common product you have probably had sitting on a shelf in your pantry for years! Discover how organic apple cider vinegar can lower blood sugar levels and aid other health issues such as high cholesterol, coughs and colds, and poor digestion. It also provides a boost for your ever-fighting immune system.

This essential handbook guides you through uses of apple cider vinegar in four main categories - to lose weight, your health, your body and beauty routine, and for your home. We will dive into these categories and you will learn tidbits like this amazing product provides an alternative to chemically produced cosmetics and therefore is a gentle ingredient for your skin care routine. Also, each section has recipes on how to use for the particular remedy. As to your food, check out the recipe chapter. Apple cider vinegar gives your soups zest and lifts your sauces and salads, plus we provide some innovative recipes you will definitely want to try. Furthermore, apple cider vinegar is never outdone by household cleaners. Listen on to see how apple cider vinegar is your alternative to a more natural, environmentally-friendly, and pet-friendly solution for your home and garden.

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