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Climate change has caused a global water crisis. China has occupied three Canadian prairie provinces and is hauling fresh river water from Hudson Bay to Beijing by the northwest passage which is open year-round. The story has special insights into Canada's water resources, geography, and history.

Environmentalists who appreciate the north and Canada's water resources will enjoy listening to Jeremiah Coffey's first novel.

The US President is allowing the Chinese to destabilize Canada so that British Columbia might join the United States. Drought stricken Americans want him to bring water to California from British Columbia's rivers. US State Department and CIA tactics are shown through Lee Girard their asset in the field.

The Green Party has been in power for five months, and Sheila Thompson the new Prime Minister must defend Canada from Chinese occupation, and American meddling. Her Minister of National Defence 'Rolly' O'Brien is a salty old Newfoundlander who fought in the Korean war.

Canadian Chief of Defence Staff General Robert Fraser and his husband to-be, staff sergeant Stuart McGee have staked everything on a plan to attack the Chinese on Remembrance Day. The British Prime Minister is dealing with post Brexit woes, and the collapse of NATO.

Canada's PM has advised him to revitalize the British Commonwealth. Some African Commonwealth nations that experienced crimes by General Shang-Lu while building "One Belt One Road" want to be part of the offensive and arrest the evil man and place him on trial at the Hague. The evil general Shang-Lu has plans for a billion dollar real estate fraud exploiting the situation when Calgary runs completely out of water.

Listeners of war books and military action thrillers will stay interested from more than enough spy tradecraft and thoroughly researched operations of 850 British and German battle tanks , the Queen Mary 2, British Royal Navy aircraft-carriers, nuclear submarines, destroyers and F-35 fighter jets. The "Prairie Resistance" uses RPG rockets, Semtex, The Chineses occupiers use, AI surveillance, and cryptography. An eco-thriller.

Ex-navy SEAL Lee Girard the CIA's best agent in the north is pushed too the breaking point with Washington's demands...

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20. November