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Win the mental game! Be your best!

Who is your toughest opponent? Who wouldn't want a game plan for beating that opponent with regularity? Most athletes instinctively know that they see their toughest opponent every day in the mirror. Anything you want to accomplish in your sport ultimately boils down to the mind game. Are you winning it or losing it? Do you take the mental game seriously? Winning the mental game is critical, and this audiobook will give you tools and strategies to do just that.

So many athletes get inside their own head causing them to struggle and perform to their potential. Those that take this part of their endeavor seriously look for ways to apply mental skills into their game. This audiobook is for you!

Many sports parents will do anything to help their son or daughter win the mental game so that they can give them their best chance to succeed. This audiobook is for you!

As a long time mental performance coach, I help athletes (and their parents) triumph in these scenarios. See more at Todd-Thomas.com.

P. S. Is this audiobook and the material herein for those in pursuit of athletic endeavors? Yes!

Is this audiobook and the material herein for those in pursuit of any endeavor in life? Yes!

Yes, this audiobook was written for athletes and is built upon my years of experience in doing so. It is written to help athletes of all sports to "get out of their head and into their game". But if you are not an athlete (at least in the sense that you are not outside of recreational pursuit and enjoyment), that’s okay! This audiobook is for you, too! You don’t have to be an athlete to take what I talk about and teach in this audiobook and apply it to whatever is your "game" of choice in life. Whether you are a teacher, real estate agent, police officer, entrepreneur, doctor, lawyer, server, chef, military personnel, flight attendant, or pilot, whatever it is that you do in life, you can apply all that you hear and learn here. It really is for everyone.

But of course, as you will see, I have written this from the perspective of a long-time coach and mental-performance coach to athletes. I have written from the sports perspective and relate all of the material to that subject. People often say that athletics and sports are a microcosm of ups and downs, struggles, successes, failures, joys, and pains of life. It’s true. So, if you are not an athlete, then just apply it to whatever it is you do and are trying to accomplish. It’s really easy to do so, and you will see that as you listen to this audiobook.

Whether you play baseball, football, basketball, golf, tennis, softball, soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, or hockey; do cheerleading or gymnastics; run track or cross-country; or even if you're just trying to be better in your life and career...this audiobook is for you!

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