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Most people have thought about publishing a book, but the majority will never even begin writing one. 


The process can seem daunting.

Conceptualizing, writing, editing, formatting, copy-writing, publishing, and finally marketing - it can seem like an overwhelming amount of work when you aren’t sure what each step entails.

In this audiobook, you’re going to learn all of my best practices so you can go from concept to published in two to six months. This depends on the length and style of your book, with full knowledge of what to expect, and what to do so that nothing will stand in your way of becoming a successful author!

Self-publishing is an incredible avenue to get your work to your readers fast, with widespread distribution that allows you to take the lion’s share of the profits for the book you put all the work into creating.

With self-publishing, you’re in control, but that also means you are in charge of your own marketing campaign. Don’t let that scare you away! With social media and online sales booming, you can reach your ideal reader audience easier and at much less cost than with traditional marketing. You just need to learn how!

Through this audiobook, you’re going to learn:

How to brainstorm and develop a concept
How to effectively begin writing your book
How to create disciplined habits to finish your book
How to edit, format, and polish your book so it’s ready for publication
Why reviews are the life-blood of self-publishing, and how to get them
How to write an effective book description
How to write a gripping back cover
Why your book cover is your most important investment
How the self-publishing process works
What are the best practices for ultimate exposure
How to use inexpensive pay-per-click campaigns to drive traffic
What is social media marketing
What are free marketing practices
What are inexpensive marketing options
What is the importance of an author website to boost SEO
And much more!

It's time to write your book! Get started with it today.

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