Golf, 2 Manuscripts: Golf for Beginners, Golf Intermediate Lessons (Unabridged‪)‬

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Have you always wanted to learn how to play golf? Does this game appeal to you but you were afraid to give it a try? If you have answered affirmatively to either one of these two questions, you have arrived at this book for all the right reasons. Golf is an amazing game and, with practice, you too can become a great golf player. With the help of this book, you can learn how to play golf, as well as discover the rules of the game and the best tips for beginners. Here is a preview of what you will actually discover in the book....

A quick overview of the game of golf - golf goals, history of golf, professional golf, golf instruction, golf facts, etc.
Golf etiquette, rules, and penalties - from the first code of rules to modern regulations
Golf equipment - golf balls, golf clubs, golf bags, tees, golf carts, clothing, and additional equipment
The game of golf from A to Z - how a game is played, from start to finish
Golf strokes and putting - golf strokes types, science behind golf swings, putting
Types of games and scoring - match and stroke play, par and general scoring, handicap
And much more

What you need to understand is that golf is sport which is both simple and complex at the same time. Whether you remain at an amateur level or you want to become a pro, you will still be your biggest competition. Throughout the book, you will discover plenty of useful advice on how to become the best possible golf player, without looking at other players. The book will teach you that golf takes time to learn but, in the end, all of the cumulated experiences were worth both the energy and time invested.

Forris Day, Jr.
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