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This book is for all who have suffered heartbreak. It is for those troubled by anxiety, depression, loss, grief, questioning their self-worth, caught in addiction or obsessive compulsive behavior, and struggling to find meaning. While the list is broad in scope, it shares a common theme: The conditions reflect a broken relationship to the core of your being, your own "healing heart, sacred heart". 

For anyone who has struggled with the not enough - not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not strong enough, and the list goes on - this book is authored with you in mind.

With 300 years of collective wisdom, the path laid out by the authors is road-tested and culled to reflect what has been - and continues to be - most effective in their own lives and the lives of those they have helped over the years. 

Through thought-provoking questions, meditations, self-reflection, and creative practices to choose from, the audiobook offers a process of gradually uncovering the uniqueness of your own heart and soul. This multifaceted approach to healing opens a new path for greater awareness and well-being that lasts.

Complementing the The Heart Reconnection Guidebook is a comprehensive teacher's guide which presents the concept of heart reconnection therapy (HRT) and walks the therapist or counselor through wellness-promoting activities, insightful discussions, and meditations related to the The Heart Reconnection Guidebook. It is an excellent resource for working with individuals and also with groups. 

This book is based on the wisdom tradition rather than therapy in the usual sense, as it is based on each participant's self-exploration. There is no specific "agenda", meaning the book or the leader is not taking participants to a predetermined "right" way to be, but rather creating a context for each person's encounter with their own truth and who they are in the core of their being. 

listeners and teachers alike will find the wisdom traditions offered in the book life-changing, self-empowering, and community-building - all for the sake of greater happiness, increased awareness, and sustainable well-being.

Ralph Morocco
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13. November
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