Hidden Treasures: Gay Historical Romance (Unabridged) Hidden Treasures: Gay Historical Romance (Unabridged)

Hidden Treasures: Gay Historical Romance (Unabridged‪)‬

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‘Hidden Treasue' is a captivating tale of love, mystery, and self-discovery. It explores the transformative power of storytelling, the magic of hidden treasures, and the undeniable force that draws two souls together. As Mark and Kyle navigate the intricacies of their budding romance and unravel the secrets of the past, they find themselves on an extraordinary journey of love, passion, and the timeless enchantment of antiques.

Chapter One - Mark

The world of words is my refuge, where I escape the cacophony of everyday life in the heart of the city. I’ve always been shy, so shy I’m hesitant to even tell you my name, but I will…My name is Mark Hazlitt, and I've always been drawn to the allure of hidden stories. I suppose friends might describe me as a shy, bookish young man with an insatiable love for literature.

One day, fate led me down an old spider web of streets nestled in Greenwich Village, to a quaint antique shop Its sign bore the name "Mott's Treasures," and it beckoned me with a mysterious charm. Intrigued, I timidly entered the store, my eyes widening at the sight of countless relics from bygone eras.

As I wandered through the aisles, my mind began to weave a tale of adventure and intrigue. The antiques spoke to me, whispering secrets of a hidden treasure concealed within the store's ancient walls. Inspired, I decided to write a screenplay that would bring this tale to life. I love the movies, especially the mysteries which are very popular these days as times are hard for people and I guess they help everyone forget the financial Depression we’ve been in since the crash of Wall Street in 1929. Its 1934 so its been a long tough time.

I am lucky to have a job, a job as a nighttime security guard at a department store, so at night I have time to think and write and talk to the mannequins as I do my rounds. I pretend the mannequins are actors and actresses that I can cast I my screenplays.

During the day I write and wander for inspiration, more and more I frequented Mott's Treasures, studying each artifact as if it held the key to an ancient riddle; music boxes, clocks of all kinds, statues and all manner of curious items. It was during one of these visits that I first laid eyes on Kyle Mott, the attractive and enigmatic young shop owner. He just let me browse by myself at first, after I said I was just looking, after a while we introduced ourselves, after that we often chatted about various items in his inventory. Kyle seemed very young to be a shop owner, about my own age of twenty-four. He was similar to me in some ways, medium height, lean of build. His hair was a slightly lighter shade of brown than mine, his eyes a more golden hazel, and his face was more delicate…He was a rather pretty boy, at least I found him so.

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