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Freelance writing can be a lucrative extra income stream or a full time well-paying career. You will need more than just a talent for stringing words together and a college degree in journalism or creative writing, though. This freelance writers audiobook is your essential guide to:

Getting started in the business
The equipment you will need
What goes into a proper portfolio
How to build and effective website
How to find clients and keep them coming back to you for more
How to find the most lucrative writing jobs
What are keywords and keyword densities
SEO and SM (what these letters stand for and why do you need to understand them is critical to your success)

There is more to being a successful freelance writer than you probably realize. Let the knowledge and experience of industry insiders who have turned their writing skills into a full-time lucrative career that allows them to pick and choose their assignments, set their own hours benefit you. If this sounds appealing to you, then you need to listen to
How to Become a Freelance Writer.

In today's world the technology exists to let you find clients around the globe and the need for good writing in every industry and niche is practically limitless. To tap into this market you will need to learn about that technology and how to use it most efficiently.

Your website is your calling card. Setting up a professional looking one that is easy to find using search engines like Google and Bing are critical to finding clients. What's the second most read page on any website after the home page? This guide will tell you. What can you add to your website that will keep visitors on it longer, boosting your search engine visibility, and turn visitors into clients. This freelance writer's guide has the inside scoop on all this and more.

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