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Do you love curling up with a blanket, a coffee, and a good book? If you want to learn how to appreciate the little things and enjoy your life day by day, then keep reading...

You might now be rehearsing Hygge longer than you may suspect. Hygge is a concept that began in Danish civilization, which spotlights on living with a sense of relaxation and stability. It’s been depicted as, "creating a warm atmosphere and getting a charge from these valuable things in life with fantastic individuals".

The word “hygge” derives itself from a Norwegian word meaning “well-being”. As we know it, it first appeared in Danish writings in the 19th century and has since evolved to encompass an entire cultural phenomenon known most prominently in Denmark. That is the technical aspect of its linguistic history though, and every Dane you will ever come across will think of every other word in their language before deeming hygge “technical".

When it comes to defining, categorizing, and identifying a feeling of hygge, the term “lifestyle” does not quite capture it. Hygge does not encompass rules, regulations, products, or even stereotypical mantras. It encompasses a feeling. This is the reason the Scandinavian word is untranslatable in many countries.

For areas of the world that base their ideas of success, wealth, and growth on personal assets and analyzed statistics, the idea of utilizing emotion to, somehow, judge personal growth on these typical scales is foreign and nonsensical. 

Hygge is not merely the promotion of relaxation and comfort, though that is how one gauges whether or not hygge is being achieved. Promoting these aspects of life enable inward health, from physical healing to mental rejuvenation.

The reduction of stresses and anxieties help the body heal from the damage that stress induces over long periods of time. The reduction of stress reduces levels of damaging chemicals, which can elicit everything from life-threatening fatigue to chronic, debilitating migraines.

Filled with amazing advice and useful tips, as well as some deliciously inspirational Hygge recipes for great food and drink that is meant for sharing, Hygge is a book that is full of surprises and one that will change the way you live and enjoy life.

Buy the audiobook today, and start living a Hygge life now! 

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