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Digital influencing is one of the most exciting and disruptive new industries, forecast to be worth over £10bn by 2020, but those charged with making this an effective part of their digital strategy rarely understand how this emergent industry works. When it comes to online growth, digital influencers are now consistently outperforming traditional media and brand advertising, even if much of what they do remains a mystery to many people. Sara McCorquodale is the UK's leading authority on the influencer space, and this new book demystifies exactly how digital influence works, interrogates the phenomenon, analyses its problems and forecasts its future. A compelling and deeply insightful book, this will be a must-listen for anyone whose business success is dependent on prospering online. Readers will gain a foundation of knowledge into how and why digital communication has become so dominated by influencers, as well as gaining invaluable, never-before-heard insights from the influencers themselves. They will understand how digital trends emerge, the building blocks that make bloggers, vloggers and instagrammers so compelling, and why the context in which influencer marketing emerged is so closely linked to its ongoing success. All of this will be presented alongside take-aways that will instantly improve listeners own work in the digital space. In addition, thanks to Sara's independent analysis of influencer media and marketing, they will finish the book with a clear understanding as to the problems now faced by businesses and brands around the world, and how such issues can be identified, tackled and overcome.
“It's the wild west out there. This book is your sheriff.” THE SUNDAY TIMES
“In a nutshell, Sara's like a human Google Translate, but for translating the world of Google.” THE EVENING STANDARD

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