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Discover how quality light can enhance your life for optimum health and well-being and help you truly thrive. 

This fascinating and accessible book offers the definitive word on optimising the light to which we are exposed for health and well-being and explains how making small tweaks to our lighting environment can make us healthier and happier. 

As humans, we have a fascinating relationship with light and often shape our lives around it - we seek it out and revere it and celebrate it with wonder - whether it's fireworks, a beautiful sunrise or sunset or the allure of a glowing campfire, symbol of storytelling and togetherness. Light unites and inspires us. 

The light that surrounds us on a daily basis has a huge impact on our brains, our mood and our mental health, and yet, on the whole, we tend to pay it very little attention. Many of us wake up in the dark, turn on the lights, go to work and sit in front of a computer screen for hours on end, passing our days oblivious to the poor-quality lighting that surrounds us. We complain of headaches, of low mood, of poor vision and of getting the blues, or SAD, in the winter, but rarely do we truly consider the effect that light may be having on our lives. 

In this brilliant book Karl Ryberg explains how light affects our eyes, our health and our well-being and inspires us to bring more quality light into our daily life. He gives us the scientific information we need to understand the subject, combined with practical advice on maximising our exposure to natural light and selecting the best lighting to use at home along with advice on minimising the effects of light pollution and blue light from screens and smartphones, working with - not against - our body clocks (including light rituals for better sleep) and advice on the use of light therapy and practising eye yoga to encourage your eye muscles to work effectively. 

This illuminating book highlights the importance of bringing quality light into your life to help your brain function better, your mood stabilise and your health improve. When you understand the importance of using good light you have the potential to enhance your life every time you flip the light switch. 

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