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Do you want to learn how to perform knots? Then start listening...

Macramé is an ancient art that utilizes a combination of specific fabric types woven into different shapes and patterns to form stunning fabric designs, accessories, and even decorative household articles. In this section, we would be examining, in interesting detail, how to knot the cords that are used for making fabrics and other fascinating items that can be made via macramé knots. Macramé knots are interesting, and while some of them can be quite elaborate and intricate to make, getting them right and using them in combination with other techniques to create your own unique masterpiece is a superbly mind-blowing experience. 

The basic concept of macramé lies in getting the knots right. The knots are the fundamental repeating units that make up the whole fabric or article, and once you can create the knots you desire, then you are well on your way to creating anything. The most amazing thing about macramé, is that the possibilities are limitless. If you can dream it and knot it, with macramé, you can achieve it. Because of the intricacy of the knotting process, carefully-made macramé articles are usually extremely appealing. Hence, they make perfect gifts and can also be utilized for personal use. Macramé is also a highly relaxing process. The process of making the knots over and over, and watching your desired item come to life in your own hands has quite an amazingly therapeutic effect. Hence, macramé doesn’t only help you create fascinating masterpieces, it also helps you relax, making it a fantastic hobby.

This book is a handy guide that provides you with the following content: 

Macramé for beginners 
Macramé knots book 
Instruction books 
Macramé necklaces 
Everything you need to start 
Simple tie macramé knots methods
Easy DIY macramé plant holder 
Macramé - the green macramé color is an eco-friendly painting
 Macramé home décor knot variations 
The wrapped knot terminologies used in macramé 
Much more....

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