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Do you want to approach life with more serenity and reclaim your moments, so you really enjoy them, alone or with those dearest to you? Then, let me tell you something….

In everyday life, it is quite normal to be overwhelmed by thoughts and worries that become stressful. Having an overcrowded mind disconnects us from reality. It prevents us from living life to the fullest and from worrying about what we need to worry about, that is, ourselves and, by proxy, all the people we care about most.

I was in this situation, and I didn't even realize it. It is extremely easy to fall into the daily routine of thoughts and concerns about everything that is happening around you. "Maybe I shouldn't have told him...", "What if they don't accept my candidacy...?", "What if he's cheating on me...?", "If something should happen to him during the trip..." These are just a few examples of things that cross our minds every moment and paralyze us in a time when we don't have control, meanwhile making us lose the only time we have available and the time when we would really have control, the present.

During my journey, I was lucky to have been contaminated by people, places, and cultures from which I received a gift, awareness. Thanks to this, I was able to open my eyes and begin to see everything from another point of view, starting to incredibly improve my life and that of the people closest to me.

With this book, I don’t have the ambition to convey the entire wealth of experience I have accumulated over the years, but I would like to try to share with you the same awareness that has made it possible for me to begin a journey that has changed my life, hoping that, one day, it will also change yours for the better.

Inside Mindful Meditation Guide, you’ll discover:

Meditation practices and the right approach to make them more effective
What habits to practice every day to help you maintain a stress-free lifestyle
How to overcome the resistance of your mind to keep you in your current condition
The benefits of respiration and how breathing has a power that many people are unaware of
What are the mental traps leading you to harmful thoughts and how you can learn to defuse them?
What are the things that really matter and on which you should focus to educate your mind correctly?

Even if your life is full of commitments and setbacks and it seems impossible to avoid everyday stress, you will learn how to approach it in a more conscious way, so as to feel better and improve your health and the well-being of your body and mind.

If you have never meditated, inside Mindful Meditation Guide you will learn how to practice it in the most effective way and with the right approach, so it can bring as many benefits as possible.

Now, if you really want to start improving your life, all you have to do is scroll back up and click the "Buy Now" button!

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