Nash: Dirty Aces MC, Book 3 (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • 15,99 €

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Whenever Nash Kincaid looks in the mirror, he only sees a monster who ruins lives. Thanks to his involvement with the Dirty Aces MC, there’s so much blood on his hands he’ll never wash them clean again. Violence is just part of the outlaw lifestyle. That’s why he’s not all that surprised when he’s hit with divorce papers three years after his wife walked out on him. 

The last thing Nash needs right now is a nosy new neighbor who refuses to leave him alone. If Lucy knew Nash’s dark secrets, he’s certain that she would run the other way rather than try her best to get into his bed. Thanks to a failed marriage, he knows he can never be the man Lucy needs him to be, not while he’s a member of the MC with a life sentence hanging over his head. 

Lucy Stafford didn’t survive cancer and a cheating boyfriend just to give up on finding happiness. Her only plan for the future is to live each and every day to the fullest by helping others. Not even the grumpy biker who lives upstairs can bring her down, no matter how hard he tries. Lucy made a deal with the devil. So if she wants to stay out of trouble, she’ll have to get on Nash’s good side - if she can find it. 

Nash convinces himself that the only thing he has in common with Lucy is a broken heart. He refuses to let himself fall for her, only to eventually hurt her or have her bail when his past crimes comes crashing down on him. 

But Lucy has a few secrets of her own - secrets that she hopes will finally prove to Nash that she’s tougher than she looks.

Krimis und Thriller
Tom Campbell
Std. Min.
16. September
Editor's Choice Publishing