Not Boyfriend Material Not Boyfriend Material

Not Boyfriend Material

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Trying not to fall in love can be… challenging.

One might think that, as an ER nurse, I live a full and exciting life. If you think this, you are sadly mistaken. I’m pretty sure there's hardly a soul more boring than me. Ask my best friend, she’ll agree. Which is why she's come up with a 30-day plan to transform me from boring Lucy to, well… the real Lucy. The Lucy before the accident. Each day, I have to complete some ridiculous challenge, usually involving something embarrassing or new. That includes getting my coworker, Dr. Graham Shackwell, involved.

The Graham Shackwell. As in my oldest brother’s best friend. Not to mention insanely gorgeous and a self-reformed playboy. He’s definitely outside of the comfort zone I’ve been living in. So when he agrees to do the challenges with me, it not only surprises me, but I find that the more time I spend with him, the more I feel like myself. Unfortunately, this presents a new challenge. The hardest one yet—fighting my growing feelings for a man who is clearly not boyfriend material.

Not Boyfriend Material is a dual POV, closed-door workplace rom-com, featuring swoon-worthy chemistry, plenty of witty banter, and a dose of both humor and heart.

Justis Bolding
16. Juli
Dreamscape Media