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Not Dead Yet is for everyone in mid-life and beyond who wants to be fit and well in later life, not frail or feeble, but rather fully capable of enjoying the retirement decade(s) of life in ways consistent with the experiences of the 18 world triathlon champions 75 years of age and over profiled herein. However, their practical and proven tips for successful aging will appeal to all age groups.

Six sections containing 56 tips for successful aging guide listeners to appreciate the essential capacities required to function effectively in order to fully enjoy life, experience ample meaning, and be thrilled to be alive and active in later life, living in ways that make the final decades the best of all life's stages.

Medical advice and care are important, but Not Dead Yet has a very different focus. It concerns strategies for making the most of opportunities and advantages that come with maturity, retirement, and the wisdom of long life experience. It draws on the insights of lives of remarkably successful and dynamic senior athletes enjoying a rich existence after successful business and other careers. Not Dead Yet previews the amazing opportunities you can enjoy by preparing now for the challenges and freedoms of later life. Being a perennial type of older person can be the best period of your life. It can be a grand achievement to reach this stage in top form after a lifetime of trials and challenges - to have managed all kinds of events and circumstances that could have put an end to you over multiple decades of life. Now it’s time to celebrate by living better than ever and enjoying every day of it.

Welcome to Not Dead Yet! Use this audiobook to stay much more than not dead (e.g., vibrantly alive) and delight in later life experienced well beyond the mediocrity of traditional societal expectations. A high qualify lifestyle consistent with real wellness principles will make all the difference in enabling mental and physical vitality for extended periods of time. The tips and other material in this audiobook are not focused on medical matters, though they support making the most of modern health care. Everyone who seeks to live proactively, to pursue states of well-being beyond the mediocrity of not being sick or managing health concerns, respects the importance of preventing illnesses, accidents, and diseases. Doing all this, however, is only a foundation for successful aging, not the focus of such a commitment. The Not Dead Yet tips represent an upbeat message; the commentaries do not ignore the dark side of aging, but our elder world champions don’t belabor such, either.

Ardell and Welber, and the team of champion perennials emphasize action - behaviors that implement forward-moving advice. Not Dead Yet is wholly designed to foster health-enhancing actions that add well-being and enjoyment beyond the absence of discomfort, limitations, and suffering. The tips that follow embrace the bright side of senior life, practical ways to bring a bit of spring and summer to the fall of existence. So enjoy these words of wisdom from perennial champions and ponder and implement the recommended steps on offer. Sample as many as you can, little by little and bit by bit.

Make the most of opportunities associated with being mature, wiser than ever, and with more time to do what you want to do, with whom and when in ways you prefer to go about it. Elder life situations are rich with under-appreciated possibilities - you can do more while complaining and suffering less. Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-1899) believed that happiness is the only good, that the time to be happy is now, the place to be happy is here, and the way to be happy is to make others so. While we cannot directly make others happy, we can and do seek to provide sparkling tips and commentaries that brighten days of all who consider the advice of our successful agers. We seek to inspire informed action to boost the likelihood that you find happiness and good health, love and joy.

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Donald B. Ardell and Jack Welber