Organization : Contemporary Principles and Practice Organization : Contemporary Principles and Practice

Organization : Contemporary Principles and Practice

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Written in an approachable style,  and illustrated with many international examples,  this is a major contemporary guide to the role of organization and management in business. Originally designed for the executive graduate audience, the relevance of the book as a preparation for management in many different contexts has ensured that it is also demanded on some undergraduate courses.  This in turn has created a demand for some additional basic introductory material in the book, which is the context for the changes proposed in this edition.  The revised table of contents, prepared in consultation with European reviewers is attached.  By replacing some of his material on new organizational forms with chapters on the underlying principles of organizational structure and design, John Child aims to broaden the market for his book without losing its unique qualities as a practical guide for executives.  Praise for the current edition John Childs new book, Organization: Contemporary principles and practices, builds upon Childs many years of experience as a scholar and teacher. Based on the assumption that organizations in the twentyfirst century will confront very different conditions than those in previous eras, Child writes about the conditions facilitating the development of new organizational forms. Given his years of experience in China and in other international activities, Child has given the book a very intercontinental flavor. Examples come not only from the UK but also from other European nations, Asian nations, and North America. Its comprehensive review of effective management practices is accompanied by boxed cases that show the practices in action. The book will prove useful to graduate students in business schools, as well as managers in applied settings looking for a new perspective on the problems they face." Howard Aldrich, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Professor John Child describes and analyzes clearly some of the important emerging forms of organization and management. The book offers valuable lessons and will appeal to MBA and students in general as well as executives of large and small organizations. Marc Verstringhe, Chair, The Harry Hansen Research Fellowship Trust "This is an outstanding contribution to literature from a world class academic, Professor John Child. His contribution to the field of organizational study is without parallel and this work is a monumental contribution to the global literature on organizational behavior." Cary L. Cooper CBE, Lancaster University "This is more than a reiteration of Childs bestselling textbook. The new work represents a powerful restatement of the design approach to management in the context of todays fluid and indeterminate circumstances." Ray Loveridge, Said Business School, University of Oxford "A key text which draws together many of John Childs landmark contributions to the field of Organization Studies. The additional new material in this book reflects an impressive level of scholarly breadth and depth, revealing John Child as a master of understanding complex organizations and processes of organizing." David C. Wilson, University of Warwick

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