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Say good night to any other woman trying to capture your guy's attention. Build an impenetrable wall around your relationship by learning how to rack up tons of great memories, or, as I call them, pennies in the jar! When you know how to accomplish this, you know how to keep a man for life.

Hi! Gregg Michaelsen here again - the listener's author who talks everyday with his thousands of listeners. The guy who does video shoots in NYC with world-renowned Dr. Helen Fisher! (Google us.) This dating advice book is for all my wonderful women who are already in excellent relationships and want to keep it that way. Oh, I got you covered!

Ingredients for a Great Relationship

You have heard my other books. They got you to this point. You are a confident woman who has her life in place. You have hobbies. You have a great circle of friends. You understand men. You know and practice my secret Man-Mode. You became a tigress, out hunting for a high-value man - and you found him. Now you want to know how to keep him.

Your Man

Your man is a high-value man who appreciates you for the unique person you are. He loves to watch you enter a room. He smiles at the mysterious things you know how to do. He has hobbies. He has his circle of friends. He loves doing things with and for you. He is a lion! He doesn't want to lose you.

Your Relationship

Your relationship has balance and communication, and you want to keep it that way! You love and respect one another. The sex is still hot. You have a relationship built on trust and intimacy. Now your challenge is keeping it this way. You are in search of information on how to keep a man, and not just any man - your man!

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Gregg Michaelsen

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