Personal Development Simplified: An Easy to Follow Guide to Personal Development for Beginners. Identify and Break Negative Patterns. Become a Better Version of Yourself. Guaranteed. (Unabridged‪)‬

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The first section of this book will help you gain insight into what personal development is.

In the second section, we dive straight into identifying negative patterns (such as limiting beliefs, illusions of action, scarcity mindset, negative mindset, SDHD, and more) that we may have inherited due to years of negative mental conditioning.

The third section contains simple tools (healing your inner child, loving yourself and receiving love, cultivating an abundance mentality, harnessing the power of positive thinking and more) that you can start leveraging right away to reverse these mental patterns and gain more confidence, positive thinking, joy, and an affinity to action.

In the fourth section, I talk about additional tools to help you develop as a person. There are quizzes and exercises in this book that will make you reflect on your experiences and help you grow as a person.

This book will take you beyond the good feeling that comes from finishing a self-help book. By the time you are done with it, you will experience a shift in your mindset. That is my promise to you.

It's a jungle out there. Personal development currently is a well-intentioned space but it lacks organization. It is often chock full of arcane dogma and jargon that requires months of deciphering before one is ready to start implementing the concepts in his or her lives.

This leads anyone interested in self-transformation to lose momentum and often discard the path entirely.

I wrote this book as an answer to this challenge. Personal Development Simplified is a guide that is clearly organized and packed with simple tools that one can immediately start to leverage for their growth.

This negates the need for listeners to invest in additional time and expensive products and having to learn the ever-changing industry lingo right off the bat.

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