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Imagine a place where sex is the most powerful weapon to get what you want....


I was born a prince, but lately, I might as well be a prisoner. Yes, yes, I know that sounds terribly dramatic, but I feel one should be allowed that when there’s a plot to assassinate you underfoot. Or kidnap you. Both? I can’t remember. To be honest, I wasn’t paying full attention when mother briefed me. My new bodyguard is ridiculously pretty.

He’s also stern, but not in a fun way. Hyper-focused in a way that manages to be both hot and tedious. With so many muscles my eyes glaze over and I lose count somewhere around his trapezoids.

Kurt also claims to be uninterested, but the glances he sneaks when I’m changing proclaim that a lie. His anatomy says "Yes", but his mouth says, “We can’t, I’m straight, blah blah."


Look, I’m not an idiot. I understand the gravity of the situation, but terrible people doing terrible things will always be a reality, and my crown will make me a target. I can’t stop just living my life. I don’t know how to make Kurt see that. Make him see me. Stripped bare of all these obnoxious defense mechanisms I don’t quite know how to turn off.


I thought a change of pace was just what I needed after my girlfriend cheated on me and broke my heart. But the pace it takes to keep up with the sensual, senseless, and painfully seductive crown prince requires an entirely new system of measurement.

Everything about him throws my carefully ordered worldview into disarray. I try my best not to let on the effect he has on me, but his desire for me far outstrips my desire to resist him.

But it only takes one moment of weakness to ignite a conflict that has him running from my arms right into the grasping hands of his enemies.

I have to get him back. I have to make sure he’s safe. And I have to figure out if I’m really kicking myself for giving in at all...or just for driving him away afterward.

Protecting My Prince is a hot, steamy M/M contemporary romance featuring a former Marine and a prince, two opposites who attract and discover a first-time experience.

Bryce Chadwell
Std. Min.
21. Februar
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