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Does your business need a better software development process? Maybe you’re dealing with complex problems and need to manage products in a more productive way. Why not try an Agile Framework, specifically the Scrum Agile Framework! 

But what exactly is Scrum? It’s a management framework that is versatile enough to be used in different projects. It can help streamline your business while delivering products of the highest possible value! It allows cooperation between the development team, the business owner, the stakeholders, and the customer - all at the same time! It promotes the strength of community and why working together as a development team is so important. Within Scrum, each and every role is important and helps to produce the finished product in a timely manner and within budget. And bonus, it also helps to keep the customer happy! And while Scrum, and the Agile Framework itself, can be a little confusing, this audio book talks about the process behind the system in an easy-to-understand manner. 

Scrum: The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Learn And Master Scrum Agile Framework defines each role within Scrum and outlines each specific step you and your business needs to take in order to successfully help your company better itself.  

This audiobook explains the many different uses for Scrum Agile Framework including: 

Using Scrum in an effective way
What exactly is Scrum?
How can Scrum help me and my business?
What are the different roles in Scrum?
Scrum Activities
Scrum Artifacts
What is Scrum good for?
The different stages of Scrum
What is a Sprint?
How to use the Product Backlog
What does the Scrum Team do?
The Agile Manifesto
Who’s in charge when implementing Scrum?
Why would I even want to use Scrum?
Is it really worth it?
How Scrum can help with quality
How Scrum can help with team building and cooperation
And much more   

By listening to this audio guide, you will be able to implement the principles of Scrum for your business and see a marked improvement in how you deal with complex problems. Don’t waste your time working with an audio guide that’s only going to make an already complicated topic even more complicated. Buy this audiobook now to learn everything you need to know in no time!  

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