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What would you do if you took a picture of your child and saw a bright white glow in her eye? How would you feel if the eye doctor said: “Your child has eye cancer and will need emergency surgery to remove the tumor or one or both eyes?” 

This audiobook tells the story of a 27-year-old deaf-blind female retinoblastoma cancer survivor through the eyes of the survivor and her mother. This book will inspire parents, guardians, and teenagers who are affected by childhood cancer or who are eye cancer survivors.

Sometimes, we have to look backward in order to move forward when going through tough times. It is not impossible to move forward with humor and resiliency. This book will show you how to do just that while stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Learn how Zaakirah and her mother Khaidah thrived after the rare cancer diagnosis. In this book, they share experiences and what they learned from living with bilateral retinoblastoma and hearing impairment. This book helps you to gain a better understanding of this rare childhood eye cancer and its aftermath.

Zaakirah was six months old when her parents were told she has retinoblastoma. Here, they share real-life stories about a young girl and her mother making it to the other side of their rainbow. Listen to how they maintained their strength and dignity while continuing to maintain a happy, fulfilling, and healthy lifestyle.

They share medical memories, along with family and educational stories about surviving everyday life with retinoblastoma. From the parental perspective, learn how Khaidah raised a child who survives and thrives. 

This book will touch on holistic nutrition, the threat of cancer returning, and the need for frequent specialist appointments and other secondary health issues that arise. You’ll be amazed at the way Zaakirah and her mother overcame adversity with resilience. After listening to this book, you will realize your full potential and how resilient and truly special you are. It can feel like a long and lonely road in this journey called life.

Zaakirah and her mother once felt like they were the only ones who dealt with these issues. With this book, you will remember that it takes a tribe.

In this audiobook, you will learn how they learned to cope and laugh through:

Experiencing bullying and other emotional trauma
Standing out and being okay with it
Conquering insecurities and fighting mental health
Overcoming medical, mental, and emotional obstacles
Real stories and examples providing advice that show that you are not alone

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Daree Allen Nieves, Crystal Judkins
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Zaakirah Muhammad