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If there is one tool you need to survive in life and live successfully among other humans, it is the power to believe in yourself and in your abilities. Most difficulties in life could be abated if only people knew how powerful they are and how they have the capability to do anything they set out their mind to do.


The lack of self-confidence in people is a worldwide societal phenomenon that has begun to attract massive attention because a lot of people have come to realize how effective self-confidence is in solving many of life’s problems.


The people we admire and wish to be like are those who are confident enough to live the kind of life we desire, and we can become like them or even better if we set our minds to it.


You are just an action away from becoming the person you wish to be, but the problem is that the average person hardly acts; they just wish and hope that what they want will come to them, and then get depressed if it doesn’t. But life does not work that way.


All that you need is available and could become yours if you make up your mind that you are not going to be in the statistic called “average person”.


You need to become deliberate about giving your life the kind of meaning you want it to have and the very first step you should take is to build your self-confidence.


When you believe that you are capable of achieving what you want to achieve and becoming the person you desire to be, nothing else can stop you. You will become in charge of your own life. And that is how it is supposed to be.


Throughout the chapters of this book, I will be walking you through the journey of self-confidence. Yes, it is a journey because self-confidence does not happen overnight; it develops over time.


Good work and good listening!


Daniel Carey
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3. Juli
Clark Brown