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Do you want to be the master of your own destiny? If yes, continue listening.…

How much you truly believe and identify with that statement, and can benefit from its qualities, is directly correlated to your level of self-esteem and your state of self-confidence.

Your self-esteem, your self-confidence, and your self-image are the totality of how you feel about yourself and what you believe you are capable of, and are the measure that others take of you. A person with a healthy sense of self-esteem faces responsibilities with enthusiasm, enjoys challenges and problem solving, and is able to communicate with and relate easily to others. 

If you trust yourself to try new things, to accept challenges, to be able to say to yourself, “I’ve got this,” and are prepared to face uncertainty with resolve, you have a strong sense of self-confidence. You have trust in yourself. Further, if your self-confidence is based on knowledge and experience, and not due to an inflated ego, those who perceive your confidence will believe in it, will trust you, and will follow you.

This book gives a comprehensive guide on the following:

What is self-esteem?
Self-esteem vs self-confidence
Goal setting
Decluttering every aspect of life
Building self-esteem
Putting self-compassion into action
Overcoming negative thinking
Visualizations and positivity
Tap into your inner confidence.
Positive reinforcement
Keep the focus on your projects.

Most of us have formed our sense of esteem and confidence relatively early in life, influenced by parents, siblings, friends, peers, and teachers, but we are not locked into anything less than fully realizing our full potential of inner strengths. We can build our egos, our esteem, and our confidence by understanding what has caused us to become less than our fullest selves and take action to extend our influences and exert our visions.

You’ve probably seen the poster that reads, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” Some may feel it’s simplistic, naïve, and unrealistic. But its message makes sense if you accept the premise that this can be a new beginning; that change and self-improvement can start now. Why wait to begin building your self-esteem, feeling better about yourself, raising your self-confidence, and participating more fully in life?

Myelita Melton
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