SEO: How to Get on the First Page of Google: Seo Bible, Book 1 (Unabridged) SEO: How to Get on the First Page of Google: Seo Bible, Book 1 (Unabridged)

SEO: How to Get on the First Page of Google: Seo Bible, Book 1 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Do you want to learn how to master SEO? Get this book and follow my step-by-step explanations!

You have seen the ads. For just 99 cents, you can get a domain. For $9.99 per month, you can start your own website. But what have you found? Have you found your business is not getting Internet sales? Are you somewhere on page 100 in the Google search engine? A myriad of work goes into creating a website that is worthy of Google's first page. If you want this ranking, you need to be smarter rather than work harder.

It takes starting out correctly with your website. There will be trial and error. Most of all, a magic solution does not exist. Any place that is offering something for very little is going to make you work harder to get what you desire for your website. Any company offering to sell you links to improve your website is going to damage it.

Did you know Google makes about 500 changes to its algorithm each year? Imagine what these changes are going to do for your website ranking, particularly when Google is attempting to make the user experience superb. Google's mission is to ensure when anyone conducts a search in Google, they see the results they want on the first couple of pages.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has greatly changed even in the last five years. Ten years ago it was about keywords. The more keywords you used the better. A slow shift toward quality content began and is now in full effect. If you spam your articles with keywords but have low quality content, you will be penalized. If you try to trick Google, you will end up in the black hole for Internet websites.

A few golden rules are needed before you jump into SEO. Tips provided in this book:

Determine your investment abilities
Write quality content
Get your website indexed
Use keywords appropriately
Pay attention

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