Silver: A Collection of Short Stories (Unabridged) Silver: A Collection of Short Stories (Unabridged)

Silver: A Collection of Short Stories (Unabridged‪)‬

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Black’s Lonesome Path - Black, like a select few other beings, is a soul reaper, whose sole predilection is to claim human souls. However, his life is turned upside down in a chance encounter with a human woman. Black’s memories of his past human life come flooding back to him. Will he continue to hunt human souls or will he turn against the Authority and now hunt the hunters? This is the tale of the beginnings of Black’s journey as a changed reaper.
Highway I-28 - This is tale about how guilt acted as a powerful enough force to transport Mark Rose to a world of beauty, mystery and monsters. Trouble is knowing what or who the true monsters are. As light and dark magic tussle for supremacy, wielded by sorceresses, could there be such a thing as grey magic? Was Mark Rose too far gone along Highway I-28 to ever go back home?
Dear Diary - This short story unfolds as journal entries. The journal’s author takes you through his grief stricken teenage life, having lost his girlfriend to the afterlife. The lad uncovers something fascinating about the magical book that he’d found in his attic, but what are the consequences to all this newfound power?
Deep Sleep - Delve into the unknown, as you too begin to question the nature of reality. The short story tale is an emotional roller coaster ride, with poignant, yet subtle inferences to notions of technocratic neo-feudal-like societies. Scottie is made to question everything he’s ever known, as he finds that his known reality literally fades into inexistence. What happens to Kathryn?
Shells and Shadows - In this modern day fantasy short story, Shojosh paints a world of seers, sprinters, and normals, humans with different or no abilities, who live alongside a world of bountiful creatures, on several of earth’s dimensions. Beneath the façade of your typical coming of age story is an atypical coming together of several mystical forces. Lana and her family are secluded from the rest of Pink Coral, a tiny town that now assumes the worst of the seldom seen and rather odd characters within the Mackenzie compound. But how groundless is the townsfolk’s fear? What evil approaches Pink Coral?
The Field - In a tiny kingdom of special humans, beings known as “surfers”, who’ve figured out how to travel across the globe in a matter of seconds, distrust, and division festers. The queen, having lost her daughter to a criminal faction of surfers, now struggles to offer her tiny citizenry the comfort and stability of times past. As member of the strike force, will Luga Milash succeed in saving her loved ones, and avert a war where possible? What happens when a normal human, a “grounder” gets involved in the affairs of surfers, in the tumultuous matters of humans who channel and harness the power of the earth’s electromagnetic field?
What the Dead Don’t See - In a military kingdom where the king is selected through a series of challenges and through combat, with 600 competitors in the mix, a human warrior struggles to reach the top of an alien society and claim the throne. With his inclusion in the tournament, the first human in centuries to participate, Marcus comes to uncover a deeper and more sinister plot by the king that could see an end to tradition. Will he be able to survive the vindictive and malicious whiles of the sitting king, as well as triumph over his competitors, while winning over the racist judges? Who claims the throne once all is said and done, Marcus, Braga, or Kamie maybe?

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