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At 42 years old, Valerie Giglio was heading for a bright future as both a successful lawyer and professional vocalist with two CDs to her name, when out of nowhere, she suffered a brain stem stroke that ravaged her life and caused her world to spin out of control. Completely paralyzed on one side, confined to a wheelchair, her singing voice stolen from her at the height of her career, Valerie was devastated. But with fierce determination and fortitude, and the support of her loving family and a wonderful healthcare team, Valerie faced down every setback and obstacle in her path. Overcoming paralysis and regaining her singing voice, she returned to the stage just one year later. The story of this woman's miraculous journey allows you to travel with Valerie on her path to an extraordinary recovery. Singing in My Own Key: A Vocalist's Triumph Over Stroke, abridged audio version, is a story of hope and faith that will leave you deeply inspired.

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Featuring music by composer and recording artist Laura Sullivan, "Love's River, Holding Heaven, 900 Voices" (AKA "We Are Love")

"Giglio more than meets her goal of showing readers that "miracles happen". (Publisher's Weekly)

"Singing in My Own Key truly is a remarkable work of standing inspiration for all, detailing the mental strength and dedication to overcome all frustrations. Readers of all genres should definitely add Singing in My Own Key to their list." (Portland Book Review, 4.5/5 stars)

"I cannot recommend Singing in My Own Key: A Vocalist's Triumph Over Stroke by Valerie L. Giglio highly enough. This is not just a book for singers by a singer. This is a book for all who suffer huge setbacks and think they will never recover or that their lives are over. Valerie proves this is not so...ever! As she clearly illustrates by her remarkable journey back to her former self, healing is a choice. Decide if you want to live forever as you are living now. Then choose. 'Sometimes the only road worth traveling is the hardest one'. Wise, wise words." (Readers Favorite, 5 Stars)

"Singing in My Own Key is a personal and profound meditation on human resilience. Valerie Giglio is the embodiment of grit and grace. In her moments of darkness, she lit a light with music, which she has shared with the world to illuminate an eternal truth: the human spirit cannot be defeated. A moving and brilliant narrative." (Kabir Sehgal, New York Times best-selling author and multi-Grammy® award winner)

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