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From the Introduction: “Thank goodness for asses,” said a friend of mine over lunch the other day. “I just like to sit and watch them pass by.”

I nodded in agreement, thinking to myself, Thank goodness for friends, because they can give you the perfect opening for your trilogy on anal sex.

When we first decided to compile a collection of stories about anal sex, I was not sure how readers would respond. Five of us got together and decided to write tight, taut, literary, smutty stories that revolved around backdoor banging. What made the endeavor unique is that we were being bold, not coy and quiet, about our theme. There was no beating around this bush, we stood up tall and proud and called our first collection “Kiss My Ass.”

Within a few months, our sales were soaring and we were receiving reviews like this one from Aisling Weaver: “Each one held me on the edge of my seat, breathless and flushed, eager for every word.”

We knew we wanted to tackle a sequel, but spent some time debating the title. We asked ourselves questions: Do we like writing about anal? Fuck yeah. Do we hide our feelings? No fucking way? Why? Because we are bad asses, which is why we ultimately named our second collection “Bad Ass.”

“Bad Ass” won instant five-star reviews, such as the one that called it “Asstacular” and this one: “So good. It surpasses its predecessor. I read it one quick swallow, but at the end of each story I almost didn't want to keep reading, because each one is its own little gem, even though they all fit so well together.”

What had begun as a one-off endeavor transformed into an “annual anal” series. Our third installment was “Smart Ass,” which readers were anxiously awaiting.“I have yet to be disappointed by one of this dynamic bunch's yearly anal anthologies, and ‘Smart Ass,’ as the third in the series, is certainly no exception. All are very strong stories, well written and with good depth of character,” states one reviewer.I agree with my friend: Thank goodness for asses! We hope the fans of our annual anal erotica will continue along our erotic “asstacular” journey with us! - Alison Tyler

Kyle St. James, Sandra Caldwell
Std. Min.
5. Dezember
Audible Studios