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Improve your problem-solving skills, stop overthinking and boost your productivity!

Do you know how to achieve your dreams and goals?

Are you using efficient mental models and practices to get there?

Or are you self-sabotaging by overthinking?

If yes - you’re not alone in that! The good news is that solutions are here. Read on to find out more!

Mental models can be roughly described as verbal or visual models we build to explain the world around us. You know when they say think outside the box? The box is actually a mental model, we want to escape it to come up with new ideas. All of us carry our models of the world, but what if they are not suited to our needs? 

We can learn to think differently and reprogram our brains! 

Especially when it comes to overthinking, rehauling our thought process can help. This book is a bundle, going into detail on both the topic of mental models and how to stop overthinking. There are mental models out there that can improve your critical thinking and help you make better decisions. There are ways to learn how to do more productive work. And of course, there are tools and methods to help you stop overthinking!

This book will teach you about:

Mental models and their place in psychology   
How to stop procrastinating and form better habits
30 mental models that will improve your life right now
How to become mentally resilient    
What mental models to practice and avoid    
How to trust your intuition and overcome self-doubt
And so much more!

Even if you’re not looking to change your whole life, this book bundle will offer helpful tips and tricks. You can learn how to spend less time and do more by applying proper mental models. Who wouldn’t want that? There is no single aspect of our lives that couldn’t be improved if we learned to think better. This book bundle promises to open your mind, teach you all there is to know about mental models and help you stop overthinking!

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